Our Team


josiah engstrom

Josiah created MotoVike Films out of a desire to make films and tell stories. Combining the founder’s love for all two-wheeled vehicles and a proud Nordic heritage, the term MotoVike was born. Josiah yearns to capture the emotion and detail of your ideas on film and give you an unforgettable visual experience. His personality can captivate a room, but can make an individual feel at ease, even with a camera on them. Josiah lives in Topeka, KS with his wife, son, and their three daughters. He enjoys frequenting the wilds of Colorado, fly fishing, and cruising downtown Topeka on two wheels.

avery stratton

Avery joined the MotoVike team as an intern in 2015 after directing and producing the international award-winning mini-documentary, “Kodak in the Congo.” After working hard, making some cool stuff, and being generally awesome, Avery graduated from “Intern” to “Filmmaker.” She is passionate about all things film–don’t even get her started on the stylings of Quentin Tarantino. Avery enjoys impulsive book and vinyl-buying (but not having any time to enjoy them), playing guitar, painting, and spending time outdoors with her dog, The Real Slim Sadie.


kat keyes

Creativity requires flow. And to encourage flow, someone has to keep all the moving parts organized. Kat isn’t exactly Nordic, but has a Portuguese fairy magic all her own: breaking down the pieces that go into your story, so the experience is fluid and all those individual parts can serve the whole. For the past 10 years, Kat has worked on nearly every part of agency and video production work, from coordination, concepting, scripting, shooting, editing, motion graphics and design. Kat lives in Lawrence, KS with her husband, Blake and a temperamental tiny lion, Helena. They met filmmaking and enjoy traveling the world, producing independent films, and supporting live theatre.

blake kresge

Blake has been involved in professional video production for more than 10 years. His career has evolved many times, from shooting, editing news and sports, to producing the 6 pm and 10 pm broadcasts at the local TV station, to spending months on the road a year shooting and editing feature pieces, to leading a video team of 10. Blake lives in Lawrence, KS with his wife, Kat, and has a small cherry tomato farm. They enjoy exploring and capturing new cities on camera. He's an avid sports fan, spending approximately half of his summer at Kauffman stadium watching the Royals, and the other half keeping up on stats.


Rachel Lock

Rachel grew up working the Burley tobacco fields in Weston Missouri. Her eyes split  between the horizon and the dirt. Her ears tuned to the stories of the workers around her. Field labor prepared her for life as a photographer and writer. Her past 20 years were spent as a high school English teacher, seminary student, photographer, banjo player, and mother. Her favorite dream is to own her own land where she can raise chickens and her pup can run free.


kip kraisinger
creative director/Photographer

Kip has more than 10 years of experience specializing in big ideas grounded in strategy. From building brands from scratch to helping non-profits change the world, he helps organizations get results through stand-out branding, design and smart user experience. It is the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Kip’s work; there is always another big idea and everything can be improved. But, he also understands that strategy is the element that separates dreamers from doers. Kip’s favorite things are being a father to his two children, Blakely and Kroix and spending time outdoors, where he particularly enjoys fly fishing and hunting ducks.